Thank you, Preetisheel :) :)

TESTIMONIAL: “You the magic man, Dale.” -Preetisheel Singh, India’s numero uno makeup and prosthetic designer

Thank you PreetisheelMark… rock on with Da MakeUp Lab 😀😀 Great to work with you guys. 🤠 -Dale Bhagwagar


Journalists v/s PRs — The numbers

I have a feeling PR professionals have outnumbered journalists in Bollywood.🎞 Am not saying its good or bad.⚖️ Just saying 😉 -Dale Bhagwagar

Treat it as a game, and you win.. no matter what!

PR is not about working hard. It’s about working smart. Most PRs never understand that. They take it too seriously. Yes, PR carries a lot of responsibility…. but its not boring at all. In fact, its excitingly challenging if you are ready to know and learn and play. If you are ready to treat the work as a game. Then, whether you succeed or fail, in a way, you always win. -Dale Bhagwagar

Have you become the frog in the pond? If yes, then get out of it.

“Doing PR only on Facebook is like living in a pond. The water feels familiar; the fish like you lots; the frogs find you beautiful, wow and gorgeous; floating leaves make you feel alive. BUT hello girl, it’s still just a pond. There’s a whole big PR world outside Facebook. And that is where the REAL FAME lies.” –Dale Bhagwagar

Everest International Film Festival to be held at the foothills of the Himalayas

My good friend Sanjay Verma (more famously known as Saajan Verma), is all set to hold a grand film festival at the foothills of the Himalayas. Yes, you read it right — at the foothills of the Himalayas. Appropriately titled the Everest International Film Festival (EIFF), this three-day event being held in August this year at Siliguri (the second-largest city in West Bengal), will break free from many stereotypes.

And while it’s at it, some promising and budding filmmakers will get an opportunity to showcase their features, shorts, documentaries, mobile films, music videos and even web series’. To know more or participate in the Everest International Film Festival or reach out for the top, click below…

Here’s wishing Sanjay the very best in the times to come. More power to you, my pal. Keep rocking on 🙂 🙂

Good time for a PR turnaround

China’s loss is India’s gain — aka — India’s gain is China’s loss.

It’s an eventful day for India’s foreign policy, and a great opportunity to strengthen PR.

PR turnaround

In Maldives, pro-China strongman Abdulla Yameen has been defeated, and India-friendly Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will now take over as the President.

While in Sri Lanka, pro-China strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa has once again lost trust vote in Parliament, and India-friendly Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s chances are on much firmer ground. A good time to engineer a PR turnaround.

-Dale Bhagwagar

When Cine Buster completed a year

Veteran always-young-at-heart journalist Jyothi Venkatesh turned Editor for Cine Buster magazine last year. This week, the magazine completed one year and also launched its own awards. My long-time friend Ramakant Munde who is on the team, insisted I attend the one-year completion event. And gosh, it sure was a rocking party. Had good fun. Congrats Jyothi. Rock on. Thanks Munde. Keep smiling. And special good wishes for the dashing visionary behind the grand success… Cine Buster’s Editor-in-Chief Ronnie Rodrigues. Man of conviction.