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International Women’s Day Special: Feminism is bad for women, says Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY SPECIAL: Being a PR guy talking about ‘feminism’, may seem as if I am siding with some of my controversial hoity-toity Bollywood clients. However, I feel that people from the Indian film industry often objectify the word.

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When Himaanshu Shukla interviewed Radhe Maa

I handle PR for Global Advertisers, patrons of Radhe Maa. Arranged an interview meeting of Radhe Maa with journalist Himaanshu Shukla sometime ago. Himaanshu also got her aashirwad. (No bad comments please).

When Himaanshu Shukla interviewed Radhe Maa

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Feedback matters

I almost FELL OFF MY CHAIR reading all the comments below this article. Thank you Pragati Naik, Sam Mohan, Kingshuk Nag, Pramod Muntashir, Ritwik Banerjee, DrVineeta Banerjee and Pammi Somal. You rocked it 

Makeup, hair and prosthetic designer Preetisheel Singh reveals trade secrets


Got a video interview done for my PR client Preetisheel Singh on Chetna Vasishth’s ChetChat. Makeup, hair and prosthetic designer Preetisheel reveals a lot that goes behind the scenes in transforming actors into characters.



Facebook Status box disappears

28/2/2018 … If you try to type a Facebook status from your desktop / laptop, the status box will disappear. Try it. Now please don’t say its a ghost. Just type statuses from your mobile phone instead. Main hoon na. Sab theek ho jaayega.

Image building is better than publicity or crisis management. -Dale Bhagwagar

I wonder why many actors and actresses realise the importance of PR only when their career goes spiralling down. When they realise they are not making the monies they should be making, they decide to spend on PR and salvage or extend their career. Instead of ‘image building’ at an earlier stage, a PR has to then look at ‘publicity’ and ‘crisis management’. –Dale Bhagwagar


The world needs Superman.

So Superman died in March 2016 (Batman v/s Superman) and was resurrected in October-November 2017 (Justice League).

Forgone conclusion: The world needs Superman.