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Amitabh Bachchan, Shabana Azmi, Sonu Nigam talk women empowerment


In the movie Bahubali 2, the character of Amarendra Bahubali played by Prabhas feels that merely chopping off the fingers of a man trying to grope women is not enough punishment. He beheads him as capital punishment. Now that can happen in the make-believe world of movies where things are often glorified and gory-fied. But in a dignified cultured society with better sensibilities, matters have to be drastically different.

Amitabh Bachchan 2

And that is exactly what some of our Bollywood stars showcased this month as they spoke fabulously about respect for women and their rights. “Respect and dignity towards women in society, a sense of equality as fellow citizens, as contributors in equal measure, without discrimination, is what needs to be inculcated amongst all of us,” said megastar Amitabh Bachchan while answering a question about the Nirbhaya rape case verdict.

Shabana Azmi 3

Stressing that the true way to measure progress of a society was in empowering women, veteran actress Shabana Azmi remarked, “It isn’t that women should start acting like men or men should start behaving like women. There are differences between women and men, these need to be celebrated by giving them equal importance and opportunity in the society,”

Radhe Maa - Pic 2

But an unexpected clincher came on India TV from renowned singer Sonu Nigam who was on popular television host Rajat Sharma’s famed programme Aap Ki Adalat. Though he was there mainly answering questions about a recent controversy regarding loudspeakers on mosques during azaan prayers, the topic veered to an earlier controversy about ‘godwoman’ Radhe Maa.

Sonu Nigam 5

But Sonu stood steadfast answering Rajat Sharma. “No one should utter profanities about a lady. Be it any lady. She could be my sister, or it could be you,” the singer commented, looking at the audience. “That’s not a done thing in any cultured society and I will stand for any lady who faces unfair comments,” Sonu added.


“I haven’t met or spoken to Radhe Maa, but I’ve heard she has been ostracized for her attire. Is attire a barometer to judge whether a person is spiritual or not? If a lady is covered from top to bottom, is she more spiritual person than one who is not? It’s wrong to judge any person from that perspective,” he concluded.


Tusshar Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Evelyn Sharma dress alike at Half Girlfriend screening!!


A recent special screening of the Arjun KapoorShraddha Kapoor movie Half Girlfriend saw an unusual synchronization of minds that flummoxed many.

Grey n black. Collage 1

Tusshar Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Evelyn Sharma all came to the event, dressed in grey T-shirts and black slacks, with all three wearing white shoes.


Now, one might think it was a dress code of sorts. But turns out there was no such thing as a dress code for the event! So how did all the three actors come wearing the same colours? “Guess it was sheer coincidence,” laughs Evelyn Sharma, assuring “it wasn’t planned.”

Grey n black. Collage 2

Talking of Evelyn, Hindi Medium; the other film that released this week along with Half Girlfriend, features her famous Yo Yo Honey Singh number Sunny Sunny from Yaariyan in a little scene. “It was a pleasant surprise for me, as I got to know of it just recently. It made my day,” the teeny-bopper says with a smile.


Is Shah Rukh Khan-luck rubbing off on Evelyn Sharma?


And you thought only Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan had fans waiting for them outside their Bandra residences. Wait till you are surprised!


A week ago, the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD) actress Evelyn Sharma was taken aback to find two fans from Punjab waiting for autographs and selfies outside her Bandra abode. When she was preparing to leave for a shoot, they walked up to her and told her they had been coming there from two days and standing below her building for a couple of hours to get a peek of the actress.


Evelyn didn’t know how to react to her new-found fandom. “I am used to being mobbed at airports and at events. But this was something new for me,” says the teeny-bopper. She happily posed for selfies and also checked with the security guard about the fan-claims. They turned out to be true.

Evelyn Sharma - Pic 28

But while Evelyn thought this would be a one-off thing, she is being surprised more than often. It seems, word has spread that Evelyn agrees for autographs and selfies and a bunch of fans have regularly begun gathering and waiting for her. At times, the fans want more!


Like one group didn’t let go of Evelyn till she sang a line from her famous Sunny Sunny song from Yaariyan. On another day, some fans insisted she flick her eyes the way she did for Ranbir Kapoor in YJHD, while they shot a video for their social media.




“It’s indeed flattering and sweet. I’m really happy that they all come by and click pictures with me. Sometimes it feels safer with fans around, knowing they have my back if anything happens to me. But at the same time it’s a bit scary, as there are around 20 complete strangers around me. So I don’t know whether I should look after myself or just be flattered about it,” she wonders.


Evelyn will next be seen in a key role in Imtiaz Ali’s next with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. What can we say but that, maybe some of SRK-luck has rubbed on to her. 😉




Evelyn Sharma stuns in retro-traditional Ritu Kumar sari at CAMA Awards


Evelyn Sharma at CAMA Awards. Pic 1

Actress and fashion philanthropist Evelyn Sharma is known for her teeny-bopper zingy roles in movies like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Nautanki Saala. She has been a rage with her bikini song Sunny Sunny in Yaariyan. But at the recent Cinematics Arts Music Appreciation (CAMA) Awards in Ahmedabad, the gal turned a new leaf.


Evelyn appeared at the event in an all-new retro-traditional avatar. Decked in a black chiffon Ritu Kumar sari, with dazzling gold zari embroidery, she made a huge fashion statement with her beauty, smokey eyes, hair tied in a bun and a gorgeous backless blouse.


Stealing the show and eyeballs, Evelyn picked up the Youth Icon Of The Year Award, amidst awe-gazes and stares aplenty. “I need to be careful. Too much attention can get to the head,” she laughed as she got off the stage.

Evelyn Sharma at CAMA Awards. Pic 6


Whoopie! Evelyn Sharma gets 3 million hits and a piano!!

 Evelyn Sharma - Pic 31

Evelyn Sharma is on cloud nine. Her music video Party Nonstop with Kangna singer-music producer Dr Zeus along with Punjabi singer Jasmine Sandlas (of Kick’s Yaar Na Mila fame) and rapper Ikka (of High Heels fame), has crossed three million hits on YouTube within just about three days.

Evelyn Sharma - Pic 30

Though Evelyn has only acted in Party Nonstop, her publicist Dale Bhagwagar reveals that Evelyn has a secret fetish for music. “She doesn’t only write lyrics and sing, but can also play a tune or two.” The actress had earlier released her own cool English song Something Beautiful with international artist Brooklyn Shanti.

Evelyn Sharma - Pic 29

“From the handsome price she has received for Party Nonstop, Evelyn has just bought a piano for herself,” Dale divulges and adds, “Don’t be surprised if she churns out her own music soon.” Aha!

Evelyn Sharma - Pic 28

Meanwhile, a lot is happening in Evelyn’s life. A while ago, the gal gave her first international speech at US president Donald Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Next, she built houses for the poor under the Habitat for Humanity organization in Karjat on the outskirts of Mumbai. Her latest Bandra fundraiser for her charity organization Seams With Dreams was a grand success too.


And soon, Evelyn will be seen in Imtiaz Ali’s next with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. Seems like her jawaani life is all deewani on a nautanki overdrive for her yaariyaan with sunny sunny times. Now what’s missing is some ishqedarriyaan with a prince charming making an entry to say,‘main tera hero’. :p Maybe someone, Evelyn could play her piano for? 😉



Manisha Koirala gets nostalgic about R.D.Burman


The charismatic Manisha Koirala, who was Anil Kapoor’s love and obsession in the memorable song ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’ from the illustrious R.D.Burman’s last movie 1942: A Love Story, seemed nostalgic about the composer this week. Manisha was delighted when at a recent event, senior award-winning journalist Chaitanya Padukone presented her a copy of his authored book R.D.BurMania.

Manisha Koirala with Chaitanya Padukone

“What a musical masterpiece genius Panchamda came up with. Even today, his amazing melodies soothe the heart,” said Manisha, who is playing the legendary Nargis Dutt in the biopic on Sanjay Dutt, being directed by Rajkumar Hirani.


The actress who has proved to be an exemplary strong-willed cancer survivor, had another reason to smile. The book has its ‘foreword’ penned by showman Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who was then the ‘songs director’ of 1942: A Love Story.


Incidentally, when Bhansali made his directorial debut with Khamoshi, it was Manisha who featured as the lead opposite Salman Khan.