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End violence in the name of religion, says actress Arjumman Mughal


Coinciding with the annual UN World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) to be held in the first week of February, Bollywood actress Arjumman Mughal has urged people to put an end to violent acts in the name of religion.

Recently, Arjumman played the female lead in the highly-sensitive movie Ya Rab, with the tagline ‘Jihad against terrorism’. Endorsed and released by Mahesh Bhatt, Ya Rab was hailed as a genuine effort to showcase the correct face of Islam and help bring misguided youth back to the right path.

Arjumman Mughal - Pic 1 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group) (1)

The World Interfaith Harmony Week has been established by the United Nations to promote peace and harmony between all people, regardless of their faith.

“Indians are an example of unity in diversity from ages now. And this is the time to put a complete end to all kinds of discrimination and violence in the name of religion. India is the perfect country to take this initiative and be a glowing example for the world to follow,” says Arjumman.

Arjumman Mughal - Pic 10 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

Her film depicted how the religion of Islam has been used by some unscrupulous elements, as a tool to propagate violence and terrorism. It focused on a very delicate issue about a few self-proclaimed Maulanas (Islamic preachers) misinterpreting The Quran and its real meaning.

“Arjumman’s cry for peace and harmony reminds me of Michael Jackson’s everlasting song, ‘Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me, and the entire human race. There are people dying, if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me’,” reminisces her public relations officer Dale Bhagwagar.

Arjumman Mughal bags Shaurya Award for Ya Rab. - Pic 5

It can be noted here that Arjumman also bagged the ‘Shaurya Award for Bravery and Excellence’ not only for her restrained performance in the movie, but also for the sheer audacity and courage of accepting the extremely sensitive role, inspite of being a Muslim.


Bigg Boss has been unjust towards Ajaz Khan, feels Arjumman Mughal

Newbie actress Arjumman Mughal who appeared with Ajaz Khan in message-oriented movie Ya Rab last year, feels that Bigg Boss has been unjust and unfair towards Ajaz.

Arjumman Mughal and Ajaz Khan on the sets of Ya Rabm - Pic 2

“The way Ajaz was unceremoniously removed from the show, it seemed that the Boss was hell bent on destroying his own prodigy,” she feels. It is no secret that the reality show picked Ajaz from near obscurity, and propelled him to instant national fame as the entertaining ‘Ek Number Manas’ when it introduced the brazen actor in an earlier season.

But after giving him a re-entry along with Rahul Mahajan, Mahek Chahal, Sana Khan and Sambhavna Seth as a Challenger in Bigg Boss Halla Bol this year, the Boss humiliated Ajaz and threw him out of the House.

Arjumman Mughal and Ajaz Khan on the sets of Ya Rabm - Pic 1

Ajaz had got into a fight with co-participant Ali Quli Mirza after which Bigg Boss disgraced and removed him from the show. “He could have been given another chance; an opportunity to reconcile or justify his stance,” says Arjumman. “It was disheartening to note the way it all abruptly ended for Ajaz on the show, which he had given so much to in the past,” Arjumman points out.

Just for the record, Bigg Boss is currently headed for a grand finale where a winner will be chosen this week among some of the existing contenders including Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna, Pritam Sharma, Sambhavna Seth, Ali Quli Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan.

Rahul Mahajan plans to pep up Gautam Gulati on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Season 2 contestant Rahul Mahajan, who re-entered the show as a Challenger as part of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, plans to help Gautam Gulati boost his zest factor on the show.

“Rahul and Gautam have been friends from before, and Rahul plans to help him feel more cheerful,” reveals his publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “Rahul told me, he felt Gautam was a bit low after Diandra left and he wants to pep him up.” With Puneet Issar out of the House this week, Gautam may welcome his old friend Rahul wholeheartedly.

Rahul Mahajan jumping the wall to enter Bigg Boss House

Dale has also given Rahul loads of tips and ideas for Bigg Boss, including some for his equation with Gautam. “Rahul is a man on a mission to amuse, play and entertain. He is straight-forward and does not mince words. That is a quality which will stand him apart,” he points out.

The PR knows. After all, he is considered to be a specialist with many controversial Bigg Boss participants, having handled the media for names such as Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra, Pooja Misrra, Diana Hayden, Shamita Shetty, Vindu Dara Singh, Zulfi Syed, Salil Ankola, Anita Advani, Amar Upadhyay, Ashmit Patel, Season 8’s Aarya Babbar, Sonali Raut and even the re-entry Sambhavna Seth.

Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan, Mahek Chahal, and Ajaz Khan_ the Challengers on Bigg Boss Halla Bol.

Apart from this, he has handled the publicity for BB8’s Upen Patel during the initial years of his career in Bollywood. He is also acquainted with inmates RJ Pritam Singh, and has interacted with Karishma Tanna, Ali Quli Mirza, Sambhavna Seth and Sana Khan before they entered the show.

For now, Rahul Mahajan has jumped the wall of the Bigg Boss House (something he was punished for during his first stint on the show). Only that, last time he had jumped it to escape; this time he has leaped to enter the House. What a way to enter. Lol. We are already amused.