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Arjumman Mughal bags Shaurya Award for Ya Rab

 Arjumman Mughal bags Shaurya Award for Ya Rab. - Pic 1

Newbie actress Arjumman Mughal is on cloud nine. Recently, she bagged the ‘Shaurya Award for Bravery and Excellence’ for her role as the female lead in Ya Rab.

Arjumman, who starred opposite Bigg Boss-fame Ajaz Khan in the acclaimed movie, accepted the award decked in a dazzling white flowing dress studded with silver embroidery with silver earrings to match.

 Arjumman Mughal bags Shaurya Award for Ya Rab. - Pic 2

The award ceremony presented by Aviral Group was attended by political leaders and bureaucrats. “This award brings pride and honour. I wasn’t chosen only for my acting credentials, but also for courage in accepting such a sensitive role,” she said.

Now, that’s an interesting take! But one wonders, what’s so courageous about accepting to play a character? In case you haven’t seen the film yet, let us tell you that Ya Rab has been highly praised for its sheer audacity to show how the religion of Islam has been used by some unscrupulous elements, as a tool to propagate violence and terrorism.

Arjumman Mughal bags Shaurya Award for Ya Rab. - Pic 3

Inspite of moderate success at the box-office, the film received rave reviews for focusing on a very delicate issue about a few self-proclaimed Maulanas (Islamic preachers) misinterpreting The Quran and its real meaning. It was hailed as a genuine effort to showcase the correct face of Islam and help bring misguided youth back to the right path.

Being a Muslim herself, Arjumman boldly essayed the character of Amreen who is related to a scheming and corrupt Maulana. She gracefully played a pregnant girl who is the only witness to a bombing.


Sonali Raut’s bikini pics with Ranveer Singh, a rage on the net

Ranveer Singh and Sonali Raut in Maxim magazine. - Pic 3

Sonali Raut seems to be hitting all the right notes with her fans on the world wide web. Even as the diva wows in Bigg Boss, her fans seem to be on a different trip of scanning every bit of her past on the net.

After a topless pic showing her back in a photo shoot with Ranveer Singh caused quite a ruckus and debates on Twitter a fortnight ago, this week, a few of her bikini pics from the same shoot are making the rounds of social media.

Ranveer Singh and Sonali Raut in Maxim magazine. - Pic 1

“Fans are fans and if they are digging up stuff, it only shows that they are intrigued and interested in Sonali. That’s not a bad thing, neither are bikini pics. They are a gorgeous lot from a shoot she had done for Maxim India magazine,” says Sonali’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

Meanwhile, the Bollywood actress has come to be known as the only contestant in Bigg Boss Season 8 who is carrying on completely on her own steam. Neither has she forged a romantic liaison on the show, nor is she part of any camp.

Ranveer Singh and Sonali Raut in Maxim magazine. - Pic 2

Moreover, the gal has been part of maximum nominations for eviction earlier, and is now ‘permanently nominated’ by Bigg Boss; as part of a punishment for slapping a contestant. But Sonali has survived. As the publicist tweeted, “She is a fighter on cruise mode. She glides, where others flap.”