After Vivek Oberoi, Juhi Chawla, Ranjitha… Tamil actress Kausalya turns Swami Nithyananda’s disciple!

Bollywood actors Vivek Oberoi and Juhi Chawla follow him and his teachings. Tamil actress Ranjitha continues to be his disciple. And while his detractors remain flummoxed over Swami Nithyananda’s constantly rising popularity despite controversies, the self-styled godman has a new disciple in another Tamil actress Kausalya.


Kausalya, who played lead roles in famous Kollywood films like Sollamale, Vaanathaippola and Priyamudan, and later turned into a character artist with Vijay’s movies Thirumalai and Santhosh Subramaniam, recently joined the spiritual leader’s ashram as a disciple.


Apparently, Kausalya was bothered by a severe back pain over the last couple of years. She is said to have tried various treatments, before her friend suggested she try the healing therapies at Nithyananda’s ashram.


“Swami Nithyananda is a well-known healer and an enlightened personality. His aura and knowledge is abounding. But just as controversies follow Brand Nithyananda in the media; glamour comes marching and rallying behind him,” remarked his publicist Dale Bhagwagar.


“However, inspite of the constant media speculations and controversy overdose, Swami Nithyananda remains almost unaffected and always smiling,” he pointed out and added, “Nothing is able to scar his mind or persona, and his legion of followers keeps growing.”


Sachiin Joshi celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with gusto and grandeur!

While many in Bollywood are bhakths of Lord Ganesha, you might not be knowing that Aazaan star Sachiin Joshi is a hardcore one.

Fascinated by the forms of Ganpati Bappa since his childhood, Sachiin has been a firm believer in Ganeshji’s blessings. This year, along with his friends and family, he traveled to his hometown Pune for the immersion.

“Sachiin and his family have been celebrating the ritual of Ganesh Chaturthi since years with a lot of gusto and grandeur, and this year, it just got better” said the actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “He participated in a five-hour long super-energetic procession after the pooja and aarti,” he informed.


What’s more! The actor had specially called for Nasik dhol along with another band that took turns to perform a mix of traditional and Bollywood numbers.


This built the tempo and momentum right up to the immersion, while he and his friends danced with great frenzy. To add to this, was a dazzling display of fireworks.

Nearly 400 people gathered to join this celebration, followed by traditional dinner after the immersion.

Bangalore Mirror on Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar

Swami Nithyananda in Bigg Boss 6?

If rumours are to be believed, India’s most controversial spiritual leader Swami Nithyananda might be entering the country’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss.


The self-styled godman who shot to notoriety with unproven allegations of a sex scandal with Southern actress Ranjitha, was also the target of a former disciple who frivolously claimed to have been raped by him 40 times over five years.

Even while these cases reached the courts, Swami Nithyananda became a favourite punching bag for many television channels, but surprisingly witnessed growth in popularity and followers.


When asked about reports regarding Nithyananda entering Bigg Boss, his spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar admitted, “I’ve been told, the godman has been approached earlier,” but added, “It’s too early to confirm or deny.”


Apparently, in their agreements for Bigg Boss, all participants are bound by a very strong secrecy clause about their entry on the show. That could be a reason; most never admit to their participation before the show.

Swami Nithyananda asks Oprah Winfrey to return to her roots!

When it comes to knowledge and awakening, not many can match up to the self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda.


So when the spiritual leader was recently asked about international talk-show host and American crusader Oprah Winfrey taking digs at Indians eating with hands, Nithyananda shot back saying, “Just like the West has benefited by accepting Yoga from India, they should also begin eating with hands. It’s one of the healthiest practices of time-tested civilizations.”


“Our roots are the same. It is from India that the Rishis went and settled in Africa and created their civilization. Thus, even the African civilizations are known to eat with their hands,” he explained.

Nityananda said, “I invite Oprah to begin eating with her hands and return to her roots… our common roots. I welcome her to taste the joys of natural eating.”


“Indians eating with hands seems to be repeatedly emerging as an issue with Westerners,” remarked the Swami’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar. He pointed out that a few weeks ago; even Miss India UK Deana Uppal was mocked by her fellow contestants in the world’s biggest reality show Big Brother for the same.

Earlier, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty was attacked by Jade Goody in Celebrity Big Brother over food issues.

Dale, who was also Shilpa’s publicist then, reminisces, “A tiff around the dining table sparked off a huge racial discrimination controversy with Shilpa ultimately winning the show and emerging an icon against racism for the world to look up to.”

Lets see if Oprah Winfrey learns from all this!

Sambhavna Seth charms an MP with a song!

Firebrand Sambhavna Seth never stops amusing us! The latest on this spunk-chick is that she has gone ahead and performed a song in the praise of an MP. No, not an actor, performing as an MP! But a REAL Member of Parliament!


The politician is Raju Shetti who is said to have started out as a marginal farmer in Shirol village in Kolhapur and finally rose to become an MLA, and later an MP in the 15th Lok Sabha of India.

The film called Senani, which will be released in Marathi as well as Hindi, has a song dedicated to the politician, who will also feature in it! Sambhavna will be seen singing praises in his honour and even dancing for him.


“Mind you, it’s not an item song,” quips Sam. Recalling her shoot, she says, “The film-makers have specially done this song in praise of Raju Shetti because he’s made a difference to the people of his constituency and they wanted to showcase that. While shooting with him, I realized that he was a thorough gentleman and the masses there loved him like crazy.”


Recalling her stint in Bigg Boss, where one of her Housemates included another politician Sanjay Nirupam, Sam remarks, “During tasks given to us on the show, Nirupam always used to say, he cannot sing and dance because of his public image. Though Raju Shetti didn’t have to dance in this song, he did not have any such hang-ups either.”

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