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Gautam Vora’s ‘alcoholic’ allegation hurts Viveka Babajee’s family!

Viveka Babajee’s family is extremely hurt about an article in a prominent daily which states, “(Gautam) Vora has claimed he didn’t want to marry Babajee as she was older than him and an alcoholic…”


“It’s almost been two years since Viveka’s demise. Just because the girl is no longer alive; does that give people a right to say anything now,” asked Dale Bhagwagar, the spokesperson for Viveka Babajee’s family.


Earlier, after Viveka’s death, through a statement, her family had asserted that Gautam Vora had lied to the Police, having told them that he was just “good friends” with Viveka. Gautam’s friend Viren Shah, had given interviews to the media stating that Viveka used to be in depression.


“Viveka’s family had strongly refuted the ‘depression theory’ that was being floated after her demise,” said Bhagwagar. The family had even released pictures of Gautam and Viveka together, just to prove that the couple was much more than friends.


Through the statement, her mother Dayawanti Babajee had conveyed that Viveka had discussed her boyfriend Gautam several times with her over the phone, and told her mother that Gautam had proposed, and that she had agreed to marry him. She had also stated that Viveka had even made Gautam speak to her once over the phone.


According to her mother, Gautam had asked Viveka to go for a fertility test to see if she could bear him a baby and also that the couple had matched their horoscopes and were happy that most points, except one, had tallied.

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