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Rozlyn Khan’s breast cancer awareness video goes viral!

Firebrand actress Rozlyn Khan, who went topless to promote breast cancer awareness last week, has now gone a step further and released a video on the internet, displaying a six-step self-examination to help women diagnose the initial symptoms of breast cancer.

The four-minute video which went viral beginning this week has been aesthetically shot and can prove vital for early detection of the malady.

“We all know that early detection of breast cancer can save lives. However, many never bother for a check-up till their issues reach a stage where medical intervention becomes an absolute necessity,” Rozlyn points out.

“Through my simple self-examination video, I intend to spread maximum awareness, inform and educate everyone about the malady and do my bit to save lives,” adds the actress.

Rozlyn also makes it a point to warn all Bollywood glam girls and fashionistas who go for implants for breast enhancement, saying, “It might feel good to have bigger breasts to attract more male attention and eyeballs, but such cosmetic interference brings along a lot of risks too.”

She hopes her awareness video helps bring clarity on more such issues.

A link of Rozlyn’s video on breast cancer awareness:


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