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Kashmera Shah laughs her way to Police as thief runs away with her boots!

As if being robbed two months ago in Delhi wasn’t enough, firebrand Kashmera Shah got robbed all over again, this time in Los Angeles. And as strange coincidence would have it, the robbery took place once again from her car.


Having recently sold off her plush Jaguar, the actress was using a rented car in LA. She was out on a dinner with Pooja Batra in the Studio City area, with the gorgeous ladies nibbling on one of Kash’s favourite foods, sushi; when God had some naughty plans up his sleeve!


Even as Kash was telling Pooja about how she got robbed in the capital sometime ago, a robber smashed one of the window panes of her rented car parked outside the restaurant and disappeared with a portable GPS device on her dashboard and a bag containing her boots!


Oof! Aajkal ke robbers bhi na… jhoote bhi nahin chhodtey. Lol.


Last seen, Kashmera was laughing at the Police Station, filing another complaint amidst bemused faces of firang cops, who weren’t aware that she got robbed the second time round in two months.


Calming herself a bit, Kash later gushed, “Maybe, the thief needed my GPS system and boots more than me! But if he had tried his luck in front of me, then he’d have been in real trouble.”


Yes Kash, we know that well as we’ve seen you bash up a ‘deserving’ guy on your Channel [V] show Steal Ur Girlfriend. Tch tch!

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