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Aazaan star Sachiin Joshi is hitched!

Friends of Aazaan star Sachiin Joshi were almost taken aback when they saw a status update on his BlackBerry Messenger this Valentines.


The actor hinted that he was hitched! His publicist Dale Bhagwagar confirms the news. “It’s true! Sachiin proposed to his longtime sweetheart actress Urvashi Sharma on Valentines Day and she accepted. Their families are elated,” he said, adding that the rest of the details including the marriage date have been kept under wraps for now.


It is heard that the actor is planning a grand reception for his close friends from Bollywood, prominent politicians, industrialists and bureaucrats. Apart from film industry biggies like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, some Hollywood celebrities are also expected to attend.


For the record, Sachiin made his acting debut last year with Aazaan, an action film directed by Prashant Chadha, co-starring him with South African model Candice Boucher. It was one of the most expensive films in Bollywood and went on to gather critical acclaim for it concept as well as technical finesse.


Sreesanth rubbishes Sachiin-Priyamani CCL scandal!

Not many are aware that the right-arm fast-medium-pace bowler and right-handed tail-ender batsman Shanthakumaran Sreesanth was a national break-dance champion when he was in his eighth grade in school. But the recent dance of media allegations on his Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) colleague and Aazaan actor Sachiin Joshi has got the seasoned cricketer stumped!


Sreesanth has said that he is shocked and stunned that the media has created a scandal between his colleague Sachiin Joshi and CCL brand ambassador and Southern actress Priyamani.


Recently, a prominent Hyderabad publication incorrectly reported that Sachiin teased Priyamani in an “allegedly inebriated” state at a party after a CCL match. The paper ‘insisted’ that he tried to “hold her hand” and “hug” Priyamani, rubbing the damsel’s “ego” the wrong way at an after-party.


While Sachiin’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar as well as Priyamani’s mother denied the incident, the paper still went ahead and printed the incorrect story.


This infuriated the actress, who says, “We (Priyamani and Sachiin) were just unwinding after the matches. I don’t understand why a story like this has been circulated. All it does is harm Sachiin and my reputations.”


Now Sreesanth too has stated that, “Nothing like this ever happened. The entire episode is fabricated and a figment of someone’s imagination.” Hope Sreesanth’s version puts this controversy to rest once and for all!


Priyamani blames media for creating ‘fake scandal’ with Sachiin Joshi!


Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) brand ambassador and Southern actress Priyamani is furious with a section of the Hyderabad media for creating a ‘fabricated scandal’ between her and Aazaan actor Sachiin Joshi. This week, a publication incorrectlyreported that Sachiin teased Priyamani in “allegedly inebriated” state at a party after a match.


The Hyderabad publication had ‘insisted’ that he tried to “hold her hand” and “hug” Priyamani, rubbing the damsel’s “ego” the wrong way at a CCL after-party. WhileSachiin’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar as well as Priyamani’s mother denied the incident, the paper still went ahead and printed the incorrect story.


This has infuriated the actress, who says, “We (Priyamani and Sachiin) were just unwinding after the matches. I don’t understand why a story like this has been circulated. All it does is harm Sachiin and my reputations.”


“I know Sachiin as I was introduced to him at the party. I know several of his teammates as I was involved with the tournament last year. We exchanged pleasantries and that’s all,” she explains.


Apparently, there’s more to this than meets the eye. It is learnt that even a Mumbai tabloid journalist from the same publication’s group has been pestering Priyamani almost forcing her confess that she was troubled by Sachiin.


Though the actress is said to have sternly asked the journalist not to harass her with fake stories, he is adamant he will go ahead and publish a story to the effect. “Such kind of unethical threatening journalism could be dangerous to the fabric of society,” feel the actresses’ well-wishers, who are helpless about their idol being targeted by none other than the media.


Meanwhile, a miffed Priyamani is learnt to be planning to fly down to Mumbai and hold a joint press conference with Sachiin Joshi to bring out the truth and expose the wrong doers.


Kashmera Shah counts her benefits after Delhi robbery!

The hoity-toity Kashmera Shah is a happy girl once again! Her belongings, including her handbag and credit cards were stolen from her car while she was shooting for Channel [V]’s show Steal Ur Girlfriend in Delhi last week. But now, the channel and the show’s production house Random Productions, has gifted her a brand new bright red DKNY handbag.


“They felt bad that the robbery took place outside their office and also the fact that I had not complained about it to them at all,” said Kashmera. “In fact, I spent an hour blocking my credit cards and the moment the last one was blocked, I smiled and said ‘let’s shoot’.”


“The production guys thought I would remain upset the whole day, but when they saw me shooting with a smile, they decided to compensate a bit for my loss,” she adds, delighted at their thoughtful gesture.


But one thing Kash still regrets about the robbery, is losing a precious ring that her boyfriend Krushna had gifted her. “That’s one thing which pained me a lot,” she rues. But Krushna being her knight in shining armour, has promised to buy her a better one this Valentines. No wonder, Kash is on cloud nine, and can’t stop counting her benefits from the robbery!

After Sanjay-Salman, Rakhi shares stage with SRK-Ranbir!

While the Salman-Shah Rukh Khan war or words rages on, one unlikely name who is enjoying stage performances with both the Khans is firebrand Rakhi Sawant.


“Mujhe kya lena-dena kis Khan ka kis Khan se panga hai! Main toh sab ki dost hoon,” Rakhi says with a smile. After doing a phataka act with Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan in the grand finale of Bigg Boss last month, the gutsy gal has gone ahead and performed another with SRK and Ranbir Kapoor at the Filmfare Awards this week.


“I’m lucky that I’m getting to work with all the cool dudes of the industry. Mujhe toh bahut mazaa aa raha hai,” Rakhi adds. After telling Sallu that she can do a better Chikni Chameli act than Katrina Kaif, at the Awards night, she tried to convince SRK that she can be better than Kareena Kapoor as Chammak Challo!!


No doubt, it is sheer guts, energy, professionalism and entertainment value which has kept Rakhi going and the public’s eyes popping every time she’s on camera.

‘Jam with Sam’ to go viral like ‘Koleveri Di’!

Dubbed as the internet version of ‘Koffee with Karan’, a new chat show ‘Jam with Sam’, specially designed for the net, will go viral, just like ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ on the world wide web, this week. It will further strengthen its presence through a YouTube channel.


The show’s host, social media expert Sampath Iyengar, while interacting with guests, plans to enthrall surfers with a unique blend of information and wits, akin to smarty pants Shekhar Suman, who once emerged a superstar on Indian television, thanks to a lively presence on a show called ‘Movers and Shakers’.


An interactive high-society event attended by some of the who’s who of the business community was organized this week in Mumbai to announce the new show. Speaking at the launch, Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar said, “My job is like a ringmaster’s in a media circus. Hope Sampath Iyengar beats me at my game!”


For the first episode of ‘Jam with Sam’, Sampath conducted live hard talks with tech visionary Tushar Sighat of D-Link India; one of the worlds largest IT networking companies and business magnate Shalin Gandhi; who heads one of India’s best custom writing instrument manufacturers Submarine Designer Pens.


Attendees at the launch included, strategic business coach Kiran Ajwani of Innoesis, advertising guru Rajan Raman of India’s oldest ad agency Dattaram Advertising, fitness guru and counselor Karan Hebbar, entrepreneur Sacheen Dalvi of UB Xpress, graphics whiz Rajen Shah of Mod Graphics multimedia design studio, voicing and music master Nandoo Bhende of In Sync Studios, computing security expert Nityanand Shetty of Essen Vision, and trademarks and patents professional Ramu Vedaraman.

Sachiin Azaan Joshi has some secrets up his sleeve!

A Mumbai eveninger recently gossiped that it spotted the Azaan star Sachiin Joshi at a Dubai hotel “strolling in bright pink chaddis” while he was there to participate in Sohail Khan’s celebrity cricket match.


But now Sachiin’s new publicist Dale Bhagwagar insists, the Bollywood young gun was wearing “red chaddis and not pink”! Lol! He pooh pooh’s the writer of the article saying, “He might have been colour-blind or dreaming middle of the day! Because I’m told the chaddis were red and Sachiin was wearing them above his tights.”


“Sachiin even had Superman’s monogram on his blue suit which matched with the initials of his name,” the publicist adds with a straight face, before breaking into laughter! “With this new revelation of colour and all, I hope the journalist is pulled up for incorrect reporting,” he smirks and winks.


Meanwhile, it is learnt that Sachiin is on the verge of some real ‘super’ career moves. While his debut film Azaan gathered accolades and pushed the boundaries for technical excellence in Indian cinema, the actor’s future projects are only going to be bigger and better. Our source reveals that Sachiin has at least two dynamic film announcements coming up this month itself.


Plus, the actor is also expected to bag a few awards for his debut film Azaan. Whether he will walk into the award nights in an Armani suit or ‘land’ in a blue suit with red chaddis above it is yet to be seen. Tch tch!