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Kashmera Shah turns into a man!

As if beating up a contestant while shooting her latest reality show Steal Ur Girlfriend for Channel [V] wasn’t enough, Kashmera Shah, who anchors it in true-blue chick-flick style, has now turned into a man for it.


Yes! You heard it right! Kash has disguised herself as a guy for the latest episode of the show! Ask her why and she shoots, “Sometimes you have to think like the enemy to win the war. I am not interested in small relationship battles, but more in knowing what makes the men think and behave in a certain way.”


“Moreover, some girls are pretty stubborn and can only be convinced by men. Hence, I had to disguise myself to fool one such girl and give her the much-needed advice from a ‘man’.”

Steal Ur Girlfriend has Kashmera playing a guiding angel, helping out helpless lovers turn from zeroes to heroes and steal girlfriends of other guys!


Whether the contestant finally took Kash’s advice or not is to be seen, but more than that it’ll be fun to check out how her smarty-pants boyfriend Krushna reacts when he watches the show and finds out that she actually raided his wardrobe for playing the part of a man.


“Krushna is always borrowing my wigs to play a gal on Comedy Circus, so I’ve got back at him by flicking some of his clothes,” winks Kash. “But I guess, when Krushna sees me on air, he would feel proud. Even as a man, I look sexier than any other man”.


  1. highwaytohell
    December 8, 2011 at 9:39 am

    really a man

  2. praveen
    January 5, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    really a man

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