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Bigg Boss inmates misunderstand Amar Upadhyay!

Amar Upadhyay, who shot to fame with Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, has been one of the very few contestants playing a fair game in this season of Bigg Boss. Often, the family man prefers being a spectator and comments only when needed. But this good-boy behaviour is not being understood in the right light by some of the inmates on the reality show, who feel that Amar is a ‘plotter’.


This week, in a conversation with Mahek Chahal, Shradha Sharma revealed that Amar’s behaviour had changed and that he had become a “game player’, “plotting” against the ladies in the House.


As if adding salt to the fire, Mahek agreed to Shradha’s point of view and said that she had seen him discuss plans secretly with Akashdeep.


But Amar’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar justifies his actions saying, “Amar is a straight forward person and no one needs to be wary of him. He is a blunt, righteous and forthright guy, who only tries to gossip, or act as if he is gossiping; just to learn what is playing on the other person’s scheming mind.”


Now that we know the truth behind Amar’s strategy, we can’t help but applaud his cleverness.


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