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Mandeep Bevli evicted from Bigg Boss!

Ab “sleep” aayega,

“potty” bhi aayega,

sirf “birds” se bachneka!



“Agar exercise hoga, toh paani peeyenge na, toh potty aayega!” Noodle-haired Mandeep Bevli used to say that as she often complained about “constipation” and “sleep deprivation” in the Bigg Boss House.

Mandeep, who has been known mostly for her trademark bewildered owlish look on the show, was constantly seen cribbing about her health in comical Hindi and hilarious Hinglish.

Luckily or unluckily, she will no longer need to go through ‘sleep deprivation’ or ‘constipation’ leading to ‘potty disorders’ (LoL). Cause Mandeep has been voted out and evicted this week from the House of Scandal.

After Bollywood villain Shakti Kapoor, Charles Sobhraj’s wife Nihita Biswas, Rajasthani Kalbelia dancer Gulabo Sapera, pregnant wrestler Sonika Kaliraman and Yeh Duniya Badi Rangeeli singer Raageshwari, the gossip girl from Headlines Today has become the sixth casualty this Season.

Pitted opposite the tigress Pooja Misrra, glam quotient Mahek Chahal and the mischievous yet lovable Amar Upadhyay, Mandeep had become the weakest link on the show, as she was unwell and unable to take the pressures of the Bigg Boss House.

“Mereko kuch idea nahin hai – main jaa raha hoon, aa raha hoon. Mera shit band hai, four days se, jis din se main aaya hoon. Kyunki mera jab tak sleep nahin hoga, mera shit aayega nahin,” Mandeep had quipped on Bigg Boss. Speaking to a camera, she’d said, “khada hua nahin jaata hai, khana nahin kha rahe hai, potty nahin aa raha hai.”

Mandeep had also slid under the dining table, after spotting a Bulbul (bird) sitting inside the Bigg Boss House, describing her ‘bird scare’ as a “phobia”.

“Mandeep and her style of uthneka, soneka, jaagneka and camera pe potty discuss karneka, will be missed by many,” laughs celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar; a specialist with Bigg Boss.

“I’m sure she will catch up on a lot of sleep after coming out,” he winks and adds, “The only thing Mandeep has to still worry about, are the birds in the sky. For you never know when one could just swoop down and attack her!!” Oops! Don’t listen to Dale, Mandeep! Don’t listen! Hard luck and sleep well!

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