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Pooja Misrra sidelined in Bigg Boss!

As the anxiety and excitement for impending high-octane drama from the ‘captivated 14’ builds up in the Bigg Boss House, one has already begun witnessing the various shades of caring, back-biting bitchiness and groupism, all together, at supersonic speed.

Day 1 began with House Captain Shakti Kapoor (the only male member of the House) making good friends with Vida Samadzai and Shradha Sharma, while nominating Rajasthani dancer Gulabo Sapera, Bollywood actress Pooja Misrra, eunuch Laxmi Narayan and Charles Shobraj’s Nepalese wife Nihita Biswas, for the first eviction to be announced this weekend.

As the ground was set for more arguments and debates over likes and dislikes amongst the Housemates, it was Pooja Misrra who saw her sidelined with the highest number (eight) of final nominations from other contestants. Her competing housemate, up for evection this week, is Nihita. As is the norm, their fate will now be decided by SMS votes by the audience.

“Joh (Shakti Kapoor) fluke se captain ban gaya, uske nomination ko serious kya lena,” quipped a visibly bugged Pooja Misrra. But when she realized, she was actually in dangerous waters, Pooja termed Shakti “double faced” and geared up for a fight to survive.

Shakti too, was seen giving advice to another contestant, saying, “Be prepared for the worst to come… which is round the corner.” True! “Bigg Boss is like a Twenty20 Cricket Match. You never know how, when, where and against whom, it will suddenly turn the tide,” says celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar; a specialist with Bigg Boss hype.

It’s now five days to go for the first evection, and the game is indeed getting hotter, about which side the tide will turn. It’s a good wait-and-watch, with our fingers crossed!

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