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‘Manoj Tiwari has defamed Ashmit Patel’

Ashmit Patel’s publicist is distraught with the remarks made by Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari on the reality show Bigg Boss this week. He has stated that the comments are “not only unwarranted, but downright defamatory and made with the intent to generate cheap mileage to last longer in the Bigg Boss House.”


Referring to Ashmit, Manoj said on the show, “Ganda hai… sa#@ dil ka… Matlab iss ghar mein agar koi sabse ma#@*%$*# … ek sadela aadmi hai… toh woh aadmi (Ashmit) hai. Kyonki dekho usne kya kiya apne life mein… girlfriend banaya… jiski usne video banake market mein de di.” [He (Ashmit) is smutty… (swearing)… from his heart. If there is one person in this House who is the most… (swearing again)… rotten man… that is him (Ashmit). He made a girlfriend… made her video and circulated it in the market].


Reacting to Manoj Tiwari’s insulting jibes, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Mr Tiwari has repeatedly raked up Ashmit’s old MMS issue on Bigg Boss, falsely alleging that Ashmit had deliberately spread the MMS.”


“Distorting facts in his conversations with other participants including Shweta Tiwari, Sameer Soni and The Great Khali, Mr Tiwari has vilified Ashmit and portrayed him in bad light behind his back. In fact, Mr Tiwari seems hell bent on tarnishing Ashmit’s image with his constant defamatory remarks about him,” added Bhagwagar.


It can be recalled that Ashmit Patel, on the very first day of the show, had categorically denied his involvement in spreading the MMS. In front of all the participants in the Bigg Boss House, he had narrated how the said personal video clip lying on his mobile phone, unknowingly got leaked out, when he gave his phone for repairs and how he had become a victim of circumstances.


The drama escalates between Manoj Tiwari and Ashmit Patel, as the very popular Bhojpuri superstar and the much smaller Bollywood actor, are the only two contestants nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss, this weekend.


“Mr Tiwari holds tremendous influence with the audiences because of his superstardom in Bhojpuri cinema. Does such slander against an upcoming actor like Ashmit, suit a man of Mr Tiwari’s clout and stature,” asked Ashmit’s publicist.


STOP PRESS: ‘I&B needs a reality check’

“The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I&B) needs to either grow up or do a ‘reality check’. We are living in the 21st century; the time of true freedom; the time of the Internet; the time of Twitter and Facebook. Today’s kids and teens watch porn all over the net; see heroines in bikinis in movies; watch rape scenes or hear foul language in films like Omkara; get to hear many obnoxious insinuations in various advertisements on TV; hear almost detestable language in serials and daily soaps; witness the most stinging words from news readers and hosts of various news channels everyday. Sections of the media have even gone to the extent of frequently showing mutilated bodies from accidents and bomb blasts. If all this is cleared and passed, either in the name of news or entertainment on prime time, then why have double standards for ‘Bigg Boss’ or ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’? Just because the shows have the word ‘reality’ prefixed on them? That’s completely unfair.”

-Dale Bhagwagar, Bollywood publicist

For the record, Dale Bhagwagar has earlier handled Brand Shilpa Shetty during the thick and thin of the international racism controversy in the UK reality show Big Brother. He is currently handling the imaging for Bigg Boss participant Ashmit Patel. From time to time, Bhagwagar has also looked after the publicity for the maximum Bigg Boss contestants including Vindu Dara Singh, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Shamita Shetty, Zulfi Syed and Diana Hayden, while the first Bigg Boss winner Rahul Roy has been his close friend.

Ameesha feels Ashmit is the ‘hot eye-candy’ of Bigg Boss!

In an interview to a news agency, Ameesha Patel has expressed her support for her brother Ashmit, currently making waves on the reality show Bigg Boss. So much so that Ameesha has said, she is cool with all his flirting too.


“I hear it often from others that ‘your brother is the only hot person and eye-candy in the Bigg Boss House’. He seems to have the right combination of being a friend and a flirt to everybody inside the House and I think that’s great,” remarked Ameesha.


She cheekily said, “Girls better chase him because if he is not flirting back then there is something wrong with him — he is not my brother. Plus, everybody knows it is a show at the end of the day; it is not that he is going to get a bride back home.”


Having said that, Ameesha made it a point to add, “I’ve always told him to respect a woman and never hurt her feelings. There is no harm in healthy flirting if it makes the other one feel special.”


Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar remarked, “If Veena Malik heard that, she would end up blushing all day.”



Ashmit raps away his pain with a music video!

Even while Ashmit Patel is returning the onslaughts of the tormenting Dolly Bindra in the Bigg Boss House, his publicist Dale Bhagwagar released the Bollywood actor’s new music video ‘Apni Kahani Apni Zubaani’ at a press conference in Mumbai, this week.

Ashmit, who sang this number himself and shot for the video just two days before he entered the House, is ‘rapping’ away his pain in it. “Ashmit has always been judged for his silence. Through the video, he relives his past, trying to deal with it and move on in life,” informed Bhagwagar at the press meet.

Be it his times with Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat, his efforts to pull his family back together, or the scandalous MMS which rocked his life and took away his love, Ashmit has poured his heart out – all in the song.

“Whether it’s his tirade against Bigg Boss bully Dolly Bindra, or his attempt at clearing his name off the muck he has faced in the past, Ashmit is not going to give up. In fact, he’s more determined than ever, to be proactive and fight back,” the publicist added.

Asked about the ‘true nature’ of Ashmit’s relationship with Sara Khan in the Bigg Boss House, Bhagwagar quipped, its “pure friendship”. But when it came to Pakistani starlet Veena Mailk, he winked and said, “impure friendship” (whatever that meant).

Elaborating, he remarked, “Whether it has been Veena Malik’s frivolous allegations claiming that our Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra is involved with Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif in match-fixing, or her enticing moves on Ashmit in Bigg Boss, I’ve always maintained that she cannot be trusted. And after seeing her antics in Bigg Boss, I have a feeling, the nation is agreeing with me.”

Click HERE to view Ashmit Patel’s music video.

The lyrics of Ashmit’s song ‘Apni Kahani Apni Zubaani’

Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

Kuch aise haadse hue, ghira apne ghutno par,

Bebasee, laacharee, sharm se jhuk gaya sar,

Bikhri meri duniya, mere khwab, mera ghar,

Jab chhod jaaye apne, toh lagta hai darr.

My life, my career, all went for a toss,

Bad decisions, bad luck put me through such loss,

One after another, life shot me with a dart,

Like a broken arrow, I was falling apart.


Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

Main batata hoon, apni kahani, apni zubaani…

Something or another kept falling out of place,

A leaked MMS and disgrace, slapped on my face.

No I didn’t do it, but I paid the price for it,

Broken ties, faith and trust, made me feel like shit.

Family relationships turned bitter overnight,

I swear I tried to save it, with all my might.

Flop filmein, rukawatein, baitha tha bekaar,

Na kaam, na cash, na kismat mere yaar.


Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

Life ki game kay patte bunt chuke the,

Toh kya kiya maine?

Drugs? Alcohol? Violence? No way!

I’m stronger than that, all I did was pray.

Turned to spirituality, yoga, meditation,

My limits started going beyond imagination,

Meri body, mera temple, bani meri dedication,

Started redefining this God’s own creation.

Mushkilon ko gale lagaya, mehnat ko apna banaya,

Ek baar phir maine, khud ko apnon ke sang paya.


Poochte hain log, hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha? Kahan kho gaya, tu itne saal?

To all those questions here’s my answer,

Hell I’m back, faster and smarter.

I’m focused, I’m stronger, I’m ready to dare,

I’m hungry for the love of all those who care.

For once I wanna set the record straight,

I’m back and I’m gonna make this worth your wait.

Giroonga, uthoonga, phir giroonga, phir uthoonga,

Par kisi bhi dam par, haar nahin maanoonga,

Haar uski, jo khudh haar maan le,

Jeet uski, jo girkar phir sambhal le.

‘Ashmit did NOT know Ali or Sara before Bigg Boss! He is clean’

Even as Ali Merchant and Sara Khan are all set to tie the knot on live television tonight (November 10) on Bigg Boss, rumours are afloat that the couple has been married from a year now. Moreover, reports state that the couple has been good friends with Ashmit Patel from a long time and that the trio had a dinner meeting before Ashmit and Sara entered Bigg Boss.

Strongly refuting the latter part of the rumours, Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “I don’t know if Ali Merchant and Sara Khan had a registered marriage (as reported) last year or not! What I do know is that Ashmit has had no such meeting with Ali or Sara ever. And I can personally vouch for that.”

The PR specialist also denied that Ashmit has been friends with the couple before the show. “To the best of my knowledge and from what I have gathered from Ashmit’s family, friends and managing team, Ashmit hasn’t even known either Ali or Sara in person, before he entered Bigg Boss.”

So with the record set straight from Ashmit’s side and the Bollywood actor being out of the scheme of things, it now remains to be seen, how true the Ali-Sara marriage rumour is!