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Ashmit Patel wants a body like Salman Khan!

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Ashmit Patel was down and out, till recently, he thrust new spirit in his determination and decided to bounce back by pouring his heart out with his life story in a song!

But that’s not the only thing he’s concentrating on. Along with shooting for a video of the single to be released soon, the actor is frantically pumping iron, while gearing up for a second coming. The guy always had the looks and talent, but now he says, “I want to build a body like Salman Khan.”

Ashmit has been on a very strict diet and workout to build the physique of his dreams. “I’ve managed a good deal till now, but have a long way to go,” he quips with a confident smile.

Whether or not Ashmit’s able to match up to Salman’s fantabulous physique, going by the looks of it, he might just manage a good female fan-following soon. Check Ashmit out in his new avatar!


PATEL RAP! : Ashmit Patel turns singer; relives his past!

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Ashmit Patel is back from the dead… almost. After a long sabbatical, the dude is returning – this time with a song which exposes his life thread bare.

Be it his times with Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat, his efforts to pull his family back together, or the scandalous MMS which rocked his life and took away his love, Ashmit has poured his heart out – all in a song.

Yes! The actor has turned singer, with a single to be released on the Internet this week. But mind you, he is no Devdas! Having completed a video for the song, Ashmit is ‘rapping’ away his pain.

A sneak-peak at a stanza of the Hinglish lyrics reveals the actors trauma and his belated, yet confident attempt to finally face the past.

“Poochte hain log hamesha ye sawaal,

Kahan tha, kya kar raha tha, main itne saal,

Something or the other just kept falling out of place,

A leaked MMS, blame and shame, slapped on my face…”

When asked about the song, Ashmit gets reflective. “I’ve been through a lot of pain and I was always judged for my silence. They say, if you relive your past, you deal with it. This song and its upcoming video is actually a medium for me to express my true self, be it creatively or emotionally,” says the actor, as if, trying to find that elusive light at the end of a dark tunnel.

He makes it a point to add, “I’m not giving up. In fact, I’m more determined than ever, to be proactive and fight back. The song marks a new beginning for me and God willing, you’ll see a lot more of me soon”.

For the musical foray, Ashmit’s teamed up with IshQ Bector, the mad-max music import from Canada providing the composition, while the video is being directed by Anubhav Anand (of ‘Perfect Mismatch’ fame), with lyrics penned by Anubhav, Ashmit and Sonny Ravan.

Apart from this, the actor is gung-ho about two of his forthcoming movies ‘The Flag’ and an international flick called ‘Florida Road’, which are scheduled for release early next year.

Now let’s see if the debonair manages a smooth second coming!

Neetu skips Bigg Boss for Kollywood!

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Neetu Chandra will skip entering the Bigg Boss house, as she has just landed herself a huge film down South.

Director Ameer Sultan, who has given the Tamil film industry three award-winning jubilee hits in a row, has signed the Bollywood actress in the lead for his next ambitious venture ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ opposite Kollywood superstar Jayam Ravi.

“Though the Bigg Boss offer was lucrative and tempting, Neetu won’t be able to participate as she has to leave for Ameer Sultan’s shoot in Pattaya (Thailand) this week,” informed her publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

Ever since she began discussions for the Southern film last month, Neetu has been learning Tamil. Every day, a tutor has been giving her two hours of lessons, while she learns new words, how to construct sentences and improvise diction. Impressed with Neetu’s talent and dedication for bagging the role, the Southern director signed her last week.

Neetu’s ‘stars’ clash with Salman’s, says numerologist; Warns against entry in Bigg Boss!

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If renowned astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi is to be believed, Neetu Chandra shouldn’t enter Bigg Boss this year, as there are strong chances, she could directly clash with none other than Dabangg Salman Khan.

“Neetu’s date of birth is June 20 and she is ruled by the Moon (Number 2). One of her weakest numbers is Number 9 and coincidentally, the reality show’s host Salman Khan, being born on December 27, is a Number 9 person,” states Sangghvi.

Sangghvi feels, “in normal circumstances they could vibe well, but in a close-walled reality show like Bigg Boss where stress levels are high, they could end up having an unnecessary verbal spat during their conversations.”

“The only silver lining is that the ongoing year 2010 adds up to Number 3, which happens to be Neetu’s ‘destiny number’. Which means that just in case, Salman takes a liking to her, there could be no looking back,” states the astro-numerologist.

Meanwhile, Neetu’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar remarked, “Neetu likes Salman too much to have any panga with him.” He pointed out that even while her name has been dragged by Pakistani actress Veena Malik in the international cricket match-fixing scandal, “Neetu has managed a fantastic calm and composure.”

Neetu Chandra just got hotter!

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Neetu Chandra is getting hotter by the day and it’s not because of the match-fixing allegations or the speculations about confrontations with Pakistani actress Veena Malik in Bigg Boss. It’s because she is getting slimmer by the day!

Thanks to her regular ‘hot yoga’ sessions at True Fitness gym and special interest taken by her personal trainer Matina Tixera; plus a strict regimen recommended by her dietitian Pooja Makhija, the actress is losing weight at breakneck speed.

So much so, it even became a big problem for her costume designer on the sets of Anees Bazmee’s ‘No Problem’. Neetu was ready for a photo shoot for the film at Mehboob Studios this week, when her designer brought in a few sets of clothes the actress had tried out two weeks ago.

They fitted her perfectly then, but to the designer’s surprise, they were loose for Neetu now. The couturier had to scramble to make the necessary alterations before she could go on the sets wearing them.

Now, now! Not many in Bollywood are so fortunate to lose weight as easily as Neetu does. What can we say, but ‘Oye Neetu, Lucky Neetu’.

But she doesn’t agree! “It’s not easy. I slog for it,” Neetu shoots as she laughs. She explains, “I do it because I want to give my hundred percent to whatever I take up. Plus, working out keeps me calm and balanced, as if in a state of meditation.”

Meanwhile, Neetu has been approached by the Bigg Boss casting agency Endemol for the show’s new season hosted by another hot-bod Salman Khan this year. She hasn’t given the nod yet, says her publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “Neetu isn’t cut out for reality shows,” he quips, but adds, “She also loves ‘the new Boss’ too much, so we haven’t closed the negotiating door yet.”

Nikita dazzles media students

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Miss India and actress Nikita Anand (of ‘Dil Dosti Etc’ fame) held a group of media students spellbound, as she addressed the PR Orientation Programme (PROP) workshop this week.

Decked in a shimmering chocolate dress, the actress dazzled the workshop’s participants, not only with her presence, but also with her intellectual appeal. While answering a plethora of questions, Nikita gave valuable insights, while narrating her experiences about how she won the Miss India title and her foray into the entertainment industry.

Nikita began with quoting a line of Hollywood filmmaker George Lucas saying, “At some point you begin to realize that you have limited amount of time and an unlimited amount of opportunities.” Further interacting with the participants, she remarked, “There is no point in holding yourself back. If you have a dream, go for it. If you fall, try again, but please don’t give it up.”

She gave a lot of life-tips which struck chords with the media students. “Many who pursue their dreams forget to live life. But that is equally important. Remember life is a process and you will only enjoy it if you live it up,” she said with a warm and winning smile, impressing one and all.

“Her confident personality and clarity in thoughts was awe-inspiring,” felt PROP participant Nitya Gagwani. “Nikita was full of oomph, intelligence and wit,” commented another participant Sampath Iyengar, while Nimesh Agarwal described her as “beauty with brains”. Parmesh Ohri thought “learning about media from an actress’s perspective was intriguing.” “That came about as Nikita was forthcoming, friendly and lively,” felt Akshay Kotian, while Priya Shetty admired the actresses’ “smartness and grace.” Gunjan Kapur liked Nikita’s “pleasant and down-to-earth personality” and felt “the rendezvous was simply fabulous.”

PROP is a certificate workshop in Mumbai, providing hands-on media training and personalized coaching by award-winning Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar. The workshop is specifically designed for people genuinely interested to make a successful career and name in the entertainment industry and media professions such as marketing, PR, journalism, acting, filmmaking, event management, advertising etc. It encompasses 30 dedicated hours of education, training, coaching, self-help, motivation and leadership through media and communication.

Enrollments for the next session of the workshop have begun and details can be obtained from The forthcoming workshop will be of two-week duration from November 15 to November 26, 2010, 3pm to 6pm, five days a week, conducted at Oshiwara, Mumbai.

Food for thought…

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